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Kara Heelan talks to Vogue about skincare routines when you’re fighting cancer

Dermatologist Dr Kara Heelan recently shared her expert advice with Vogue on how to care for your skin while undergoing treatment for cancer. Dr Heelan is a specialist in oncodermatology and explained that “approximately half of people treated for cancer will develop a dermatologic issue during treatment affecting hair, skin or nails. Chemotherapy, radiotherapy or […]

Who is at risk of skin cancer?

May is Skin Cancer Awareness month! Everyone is at risk of developing skin cancer, but some people are at an increased risk. If you include yourself in any of the below-listed groups, please be extra vigilant to check your skin. Fair skin and get sunburnt easily Previous history of lots of sun exposure and especially […]

Melanoma awareness month – time to check your moles

May is Melanoma Awareness Month and all this lovely weather means it’s time to check your moles! The ABCDEs of melanoma is a guide to help you check your moles. Early detection of melanoma is key. Mole Check: A is for asymmetry Check that both halves of your moles are the same and match each […]

Understanding the difference between physical vs chemical sunscreen

Even though the temperatures are dropping, a dermatologist’s advice is to protect the skin whatever the weather from the damaging effects of UV rays. However, there is increasing confusion about whether physical or chemical sunscreen is the best practice to adopt. What is a mineral or physical sunscreen? Physical sunscreens consist of mineral ingredients namely, […]

What is photoprotection and why do we need it?

Photoprotection – or the use of regular sunscreen – is encouraged by doctors and dermatologists because they are aware that our outdoor work and lifestyles mean that complete sun avoidance is not possible. What is photoprotection? Why do we need photoprotection? Photoprotection is required to reduce ultraviolet (UV) radiation-induced skin damage, photo-ageing and skin cancers. […]

What happens when you go to see the dermatologist?

Patients are often shocked when they come for a dermatologist check-up and a full-skin examination is required. To help you make the most of your consultation, here are a few tips. A full skin examination performed by a dermatologist is a great opportunity and should be availed of at your appointment. What happens during a […]

British Association of Dermatologists launch Patient Information Hub

The British Association of Dermatologists (BAD) recently launched a new website that provides anyone living with a skin condition with useful and impartial advice. Along with a helpful A-Z guide to skin diseases and concerns, the website offers videos, treatment information pages, latest research, tips on how to navigate the NHS and find a dermatologist. […]

Skin examination tips from a dermatologist

You should examine your own skin regularly approximately once a month, but often people aren’t sure what they are supposed to be checking for or how best to examine their skin. Here are some skin examination tips to follow: Skin examination tips: Remember to check your face, neck, ears, body, arms and legs front and […]

Gel manicures and skin cancer: are gel manicures dangerous?

This is a question I get asked a lot and what a wise question! For those of you who get fortnightly gel manicures, this is something to think about. Traditionally, the lamps used during these manicures were ultraviolet lamps predominantly emitting UVA. Ultraviolet-A radiation is associated with a higher skin cancer risk. There have been […]

Winter season skin protection tips

With winter sports enthusiasts about to take off down the slopes, here are some tips on how to keep safe in the winter sun! Higher altitudes and UV reflection by the snow can increase the risk of sun damage. The sun’s reflection off the snow is strong even on cloudy days. Ultraviolet radiation exposure increases […]