London mole check

May is Melanoma Awareness Month and all this lovely weather means it’s time to check your moles! The ABCDEs of melanoma is a guide to help you check your moles. Early detection of melanoma is key.

Mole Check: A is for asymmetry

Check that both halves of your moles are the same and match each other

Mole Check: B is for border

Are the borders or outlines of your moles irregular?

Mole Check: C is for colour

Is the colour pattern regular or are there varying shades of browns, tans, white, red or blue visible?

Mole Check: D is for diameter

Melanomas are usually greater than 6mm in diameter –  bigger than a pencil eraser

Mole Check: E is for evolution

Is your mole or spot changing over time?

If any of your moles are showing any of these signs please consult your GP or Consultant Dermatologist immediately