mole checking

The charity Cancer Research recently issued a warning about the sharp rise in melanoma skin cancer cases across all ages. It estimates that cases could increase by 50% over the next 20 years.

Moles are closely linked with melanoma. This dangerous form of skin cancer either develops within an existing mole or appears as a new one. Checking the skin regularly for any changes can help in early detection of melanoma and the beginning of life-saving treatment.

The ABCDE Melanoma Check

Dr Kara Heelan is Consultant Dermatologist and Lead Clinician for the Mole Mapping service at The Royal Marsden Hospital. Recently, she shared useful advice on checking for the ABCDEs of melanoma in a news article. These include; A for asymmetry, B for border, C for colour, D for diameter (of 6mm or more) and E for evolution. You can also learn more on these on her page here –

If you’re not sure, or if you have difficulty with mole checking – for example when you have moles on your back – then it’s a good idea to book a mole check. A consultant dermatologist can meticulously check for any signs of cancer in a full skin examination – giving you total peace of mind. If you have a family history of skin cancer, you may be offered automated mole mapping, for ongoing checking.

Book a Mole Check Today

Concerned that your mole or spot is showing any signs of melanoma? Or, do you have concerns about skin cancer? Don’t delay in consulting your GP or book an appointment with a Consultant Dermatologist.

For more advice, book a consultation with Dr Kara Heelan, at Chelsea Outpatient Centre or Sydney Street Outpatients & Diagnostic Centre call us on 020 3494 4024.