dermatologist check-up

Patients are often shocked when they come for a dermatologist check-up and a full-skin examination is required. To help you make the most of your consultation, here are a few tips.

A full skin examination performed by a dermatologist is a great opportunity and should be availed of at your appointment.

What happens during a dermatologist check-up?

The exam itself is usually very brief, taking just a few minutes. It entails removing your clothing so that the dermatologist gets to visualise all of your skin. It is important that your whole skin is visualised so the patterns and types of mole you have are seen.

The more moles you have, the longer the exam will take. If unusual moles are noticed, you may be sent to the photographer for close up images to be taken of specific ones, so that these can be monitored over time. Sometimes your dermatologist may suggest taking a biopsy from your skin.

A biopsy means taking a sample of a small piece of skin that can be examined under the microscope. This is performed under local anaesthetic.

Remove nail polish from fingers and toes before examinations and be prepared to take off make-up if necessary – so bring some supplies in case you need to reapply. Don’t wear fake tan as this will make the examination more difficult and not as accurate.

A dermatologist check-up with Dr Kara Heelan will take place at either the Chelsea Outpatient Centre (020 3494 4024) or Sydney Street Outpatients & Diagnostic Centre (020 3733 9029).