winter season skin protection tips

With winter sports enthusiasts about to take off down the slopes, here are some tips on how to keep safe in the winter sun! Higher altitudes and UV reflection by the snow can increase the risk of sun damage. The sun’s reflection off the snow is strong even on cloudy days. Ultraviolet radiation exposure increases with increasing altitude.

To protect your skin from the sharp cold, strong winds and winter sun here are some useful tips:

  • Look for a high factor (at least factor 30) sun cream which is broad spectrum.
  • Broad spectrum refers to the protection of the sun cream against both UVA and UVB radiation. UVA radiation causes skin ageing and UVB causes sunburn.
  • Apply 20-30 minutes before outdoors exposure and reapply after excessive sweating, exercise or every two hours.
  • Apply sunscreen to all exposed skin.
  • Remember these areas as they often forgotten… the lips, ears, around the eyes, the neck, the underside of chin, scalp and hands.
  • Always wear a lip balm with an SPF. There are several on the market with at least factor 30.
  • Bring along travel size or sample size sunscreens with you to reapply while sitting on the chairlift.
  • Remember there is no such thing as all day sun cream.
  • Wear protective hats and facemasks in addition to sun cream.
  • A teaspoon full of sunscreen is required to completely cover the whole face
  • The type of sun cream one uses (gel, spray, cream, mist) is not necessarily important, but finding one that you like using will make it more likely that you use it and reapply it often.
  • Sunglasses or goggles that have wraparound or large frames will protect your eyes, eyelids and the thin skin around your eyes.
  • Use a moisturizer during winter months. Winter conditions can be particularly harsh on the skin and even more so for people who suffer from eczema and dry skin conditions.
  • Remember to continue to protect your skin during your leisurely outdoors slope lunch break!

Enjoy the winter season!